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Booster Probiotic Bifidobacterium Infantis
Postbiotic Alginic Acid


Support your digestive and immune systems with Probif.
Probif, which includes a fortified version of Bifidobacterium that destroys the microplastics in the intestine and is a mixture of 2 products with 3 elements (E3) (Prebiotic-Booster Probiotic Bifidobacterium-Postbiotic), helps to regulate your digestive system and supports your immune system.
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Probif prevents the accumulation of microplastics in both the body and the nature through feces by destroying the microplastics accumulated in the intestines. The first and only product that uses algae cell walls for as a postbiotic.

What are the Health and Environmental Benefits of Probif?

You have many reasons to complete each day with Probif.

Intestinal Protectant

It protects intestinal health and plays a supportive role in the treatment of intestinal diseases caused by intestinal flora disorder.


With its immune system strengthening effect, it plays a supportive role in the treatment of the pandemic infections.


Bifidobacterium Infantis, which has psychobiotic properties, has a positive effect on the brain and nervous system.

Immune Booster

Plays a supportive role in treatment of intestinal-related immune system diseases (allergic asthma, eczema, thyroid disorders).

For Birth Disorders

Plays a supportive role in treatment of gynecological disorders associated with intestinal bacterial flora disorder.

For Urinary Infections

Plays a supportive role in treatment of prostatitis associated with intestinal bacterial flora and urinary system infections.

During Chemotherapy

Supports treatment with its intestinal protective and immune-enhancing effects in patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Abdominal Surgery

Probif supports treatment as an intestinal protector before and after abdominal surgeries (intestinal operations).

Suitable Groups

• Over 11 Years Old and Adults
• Elderly People
• Pregnants and/or that are Breastfeeding

Occurrence in Drinking-Water
In the first WHO report, human exposure to MP in drinkingwater was summarized for both tap and bottled water. In a critical review of nine studies of MP in fresh and drinkingwater, the concentrations ranged from 0 to 104 particles/L. As mentioned above, characterization and quantification of MP in drinking-water are limited by the lack of standardized methods.

Microplastics and Their Effects on Health According to the World Health Organization

Human Exposure
Human exposure to NMP (nano and microplastic particles) is widely recognized as occurring predominately through the diet or by inhalation. The possibility of human exposure to MP (microplastic particles) was raised by the observation of MP in seafood, such as mussels, intended for human consumption. Other studies have demonstrated the occurrance of MP in food and drinking-water, food packaging and both indoor and outdoor air. Thus, MP occur in drinking-water, a variety of foods and beverages and air.
Highest Bifidobacterium Dose in a Single Box

100 Billion Bifidobacterium Infantis in One Box!

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Under the Ufuk Avrupa (Horizon Europe) Program

Funded by the European Union

Probif is defined as a prebiotic-probiotic-postbiotic immune system booster and a microplastic destroyer. It is a product that directs the beneficial effect of probiotic bifidobacteria simultaneously on human immunity and microplastic biodegradation.

Probif has got you covered

Meet Probif, the product that helps to regulate your digestive system and supports your immune system thanks to the probiotics it contains.